Retro Clip-On Earrings Are Back This Fall And Why We Love Them!

I’ve always loved how a pair of earrings can easily dress up a boring outfit!

My mom never had my ears pierced as a kid. As a teenager I got them pierce and found out with disappointment that my body rejected the piercing and refused to properly heal. I persisted for a while and eventually let them close up. But I wasn’t going to give up on earrings. And this was the start of my collection of clip-ons.

There are clip-ons of all shapes and sizes however, I’ve learned with time that my favourites are the chunky, drop, generally big jewellery eighties style! That’s because for one smaller earrings can look a bit awkward as the clips needs to be conceived, and for 2 (for me), if I’m going to wear earrings, it might as well be a statement piece! So you can picture my excitement when big jewellery were coming back, and this fall they are literally everywhere! Zara has an impressive collection of eighties style clip-ons, which makes me extremely happy. This that before I had to rely on vintage shops and hours and hours of online jewellery hunt.

So why do we love big bold clipping jewellery pieces?

  • For the Statement Pieces: that’s right, clip-ons are the only way to wear a statement piece, as it would put too much pressure on the earlobe otherwise;
  • With clips the bold design sits perfectly on the earlobe without looking like it’s pulling and hurting;
  • The novelty of the item itself: there is a lot of history behind clip-ons, as piercing were considered uncivilised in the Victorian era. Clip-on earrings came with women abandoning the bonnet and styling up their hair, a critical moment in fashion.

Inspired? Net-a-porter offers a nice range of statement pieces, but they are not given! Etsy is great (and more wallet friendly) place to find vintage gems (shop those beautiful Tortoise shell print slip ons here) and those fall-winter 2018/19 Chanel Clip-ons are my absolute fashion dream!

– xoxo-

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Sisters With Small Busts, Here Are 5 Tips for a Boost on the Beach!

Finding the perfect bikini top made you 😣😠😞? I can relate. The first part of my teenage year were full of hope… and the second half was spend on the quest for the perfect push up bra. It took me year to come to peace with my tiny A cups (and there are plenty advantages for having cute As as you know) and here are my tips for swimsuits shopping:

  • go wild on the ruffles: they add dimension visually and the movement of the fabric creates additional volume
  • fabric & pads: yes pad pad pad, but choose a thicker material so it’s well conceived (lucky velvet in very very in at the moment)
  • underwire & hidden bras: they help add shape and push your bust together, so don’t rule them out for fuller cups
  • patterns: like ruffles they add visual interest, so go wild!
  • bling up: accessorise with colourful summer necklace and don’t hesitate to stack some chains of your choice, it draws the eye and the light to you neck area and creates visual interests

– xoxo –

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Denim on Denim? Not As Tricky As You Think!

Denim has always been associated with a little bit of bad ass in a girl. Denim on denim done right can give you just that little extra edge of confidence. Many think double denim is an absolute no, mainly because it’s very tricky. Well, it’s not as trickly as you think! Here are 3 simple denim rules:

  1. Pair different colors of denim – Try a blue (or insert your favorite color here) jeans shirt with black or white jeans, Always works, and a great place to start!
  2. When pairing blue denim with colors close to each other, make sure at least 1 piece has some tear – ripped & washed blue jeans add chic with a dark blue denim jacket!
  3. Accessorize with personality, as long as it’s not over the top and not denim – if your denim colors are close, then the accessory chose is important, you can go elegant with simple black high heels with your favorite handbag, or you could spice it up with unique and stylish pieces! Let your fashionista out, just make sure you don’t over do it (leave that matching leopard print loafers and the oversize tote you got years ago in the closet for another day) and don’t accessorize with more jeans.

Now you’re ready to spice up the simple pair of blue jeans with a kick of extra denim!

– xoxo –

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Am I Wearing Too Much Black? Probably! – 5 Tips For Black On Black Outfits

Are there other colors?

Black is slimming, chic, it works with every skin tone & hair color and besides a little black dress never goes out of style and you’ll never look underdressed in black. If you’re not yet completely convinced see my post on 15 reasons to wear black.

Recently one of my colleagues pointed out that I wear a lot of black on black, and that she thinks it’s tricky – a bit like jeans on jeans tricky – and that it was more of a winter color 😮 she would like to wear more (now that we are in season). To be frank, I’m a pretty lazy when it comes to fashion (of course I make sure I match and do spend some time on it, but I also like “shortcuts” to make sure I look good (and appropriate) every day for the office and spend the least time possible on my outfit). And Black on Black is my all time favorite fashion tips for the on the go girl! So here are my tips for making the most of your blacks:

~ Follow the fabric rules according to the season. Leather, faux-fur, velvet, thick knits, wool and thick cotton for fall/winter.

~ Contrast your blacks, vary your textures. A pair of off-black jeans with a silk blouse will add visual substance. black suede boots with sheer tights and a thick cotton/poly or wool dress

~ Accessorize. Add details, add color to make your outfit interesting and to bring attention to a special pair of shoes or jewelry you want to show (off) 🙂

~ Accessorize with lipsticks & makeup. An all-black outfit will draw the attention on your face and silhouette, so use it to your advantage! A simple change in lipstick color can make your outfit instantly more dressy!

~ Know your blacks. The colour will fade, cotton than to fade quicker than synthetic or blended fabrics. Even with good care some pieces might have a shorter life than your colours… Know when to part with those, the last thing we want is ending up looking sluggish when the goal was slimming and chic!

This should make wearing blacks less tricky! For those of you who have been mastering the art of black on blacks, what are your tips and rules?

– xoxo –


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I Tried Bike Sharing to Work for a Week… And Here’s Why You Should Too!

Taipei center area is pretty flat, and there are bicycle paths on pretty much all major roads, which makes it perfect for biking around 😀 So I did take the challenge to cycle to work and back to my hotel for a week… And here’s my experience!

Day 1

I have to say I’ve downloaded the app and tried it for 2 short trips (depending on your region, you might have ofo, mobike and other options to choose from, the bicycles are different you might prefer one modele to another, make sure you try a few before commiting to a top up) – to brunch and back in Da’an district – to make sure I reduce as much friction (morning stress) as possible.

The ride to work: There were no available bikes where the app actually said there was. Off to a great start! I decided to walk a bit and found 2 bikes, which both failed to unlock. Ended up walking for 10 mins, to finally find one. The bike was in questionable condition and very hard to cycle because I was already behind schedule, I decided to tough it out like a big girl instead of trying my luck again.

By the time I got to work I was sweaty, unusually stressed and hungry again, even though I did have a decent English style breakfast + fruits. It took me almost an hour door 2 door (40 mins of cycling).

The ride back: Much smoother, I found myself a well-maintained bicycle on the first try! Yay! The ride was much less smooth. It was around 7 pm and I found myself cycling at the heart of rush hour in the busiest area in Taiwan. I had to be extra alert and juggle around scooters, people getting off busses right on the cycling path, busy people with no intention of wasting a second to let you pass and unaware people strolling on the cycling path. Stressful.

Mental note for day 2: prepare a relaxing playlist for the trip.

Day 2

The ride to work: I found the same bike I use to get back the day before, the exact same place I left it. 😀 Small win. I was much more familiar with the route, therefore did not check my phone at every red light I encountered, and was able to listen to my #morningmotivation playlist without interruptions! Only thing: my butt did hurt from sitting on the bike.

I was still sweaty and still hungry (even though I’ve increased my breakfast intake by a small croissant), by the time I got to the office. Mental note to bring a change of top for tomorrow.

The ride back: Was able to manage the “after work franticness” and even stopped at a small street stall to pick up some warm chestnuts. Eating while cycling is quite challenging… had to wait until I got back to the hotel… still warm and good!

Day 3

The ride to work: Had a LBD (little black dress for those who need some more reasons to wear black) on. Did not think this through – Mental note: make sure I only wear sumo squats friendly outfits. The champion cycling athlete that I am also managed rip my pantyhose (tights for the rest of you :P) thank god there’s a 7-Eleven at pretty much every block in Taipei!

The ride back: Got almost hit… by a young and handsome pedestrian. Everything good otherwise.

Day 4

The ride to work: I felt confident enough to almost take a tiny shortcut, but changed my mind last minute (for those who knows me, orientation is… well let’s say I have other qualities). Bumped into colleagues in front of the office, and they were pretty impressed. Felt good.

The ride back: Felt a few raindrops mid-route, but it was a false alert. Mental note to pre-check the weather forecast, I must say I was one lucky bird so far.

Last Day

The ride to work (There was no ride back because I took a cab directly after work, making a stop at the Howard Plaza on my way to the airport – Back to Hong Kong!) was fully under control and barely broke a sweat. Winning #ladyboss

Why you should try it too and adopt it into your routine a couple of times a week:

Let me know (comment below) what else you think I should try next as part of my daily routine!

– xoxo –

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Faux Fur, Cream Makeup & Roll-necks – Surviving Fashion When It’s Effing Cold

Growing up in Montreal Canada, I’m a big fan of the holiday season, winter sports, and all that white stuff falling from the skies. When a arrive in Hong Kong I told myself “this is nothing compared to the sometimes -25 degrees you’ve known”. I was particularly excited to finally be able to trade out my puffy goose for lighter winter fashion Vogue style. Well, I was almost right.

You see in Canada we love our heating and Montreal and Toronto are equipped with a good network of undergrounds that allows you to pretty much stay in all day. So you can rock a light cotton silk cardigan from COS or a fine knit merino wool roll-neck top with leather leggings under your artic ready winter coat. In Hong Kong and Taipei, it’s a bit of a different story. You do get your fashionably layered wool with an oversized scarf. And if you are a die-hard fashionista, you even get to finish that outfit with a pair of gorgeous open toe platforms. It’s like having 4 months of autumn! Every fashion enthusiast dream!

The challenge is really once you get to your office. Hong Kongese people love their AC and even in winter, it’s on. The morning walk+MRT accumulated warmth quickly fades, and you find yourself thinking about that duvet of a coat you once were just too eager to retire.

So here’s my survival kit for winter – good for Canadian and Hong Kongese lifestyle!

The Roll-necks, or turtlenecks

Well well, it took me quite some convincing to adopt them in my wardrobe. You see I have a pretty round and square face with big cheeks, so I need all the neck I can get – V-necks all my all time best friends. I must say for the autumn and winter season a light knit rollneck or an oversized one just ads a touch of sophistication – paired with a pair of ripped jeans or with stacking bracelets. The roll-neck makes it also super easy to layer colorful cardigans and jackets at the office (for Asia).

P.S. If you still feel insecure about not having Karlie Kloss’s perfect neck, you can pair it with doubled up pearls or a long pendant necklace.

Faux Fur

I love love love faux fur! It’s fun, it’s big, it’s fluffy, it’s so warm and people always want to hug me! Zara did have been making those massive faux fur scarf in all colors for a few fall/winter seasons now. It’s just so easy and effortless to wear, and it transforms any normal wool coat into a wow fashion outfits! For the office girl, it becomes easily a discrete blanket! You really need one in your life!

Cream Makeup

It seems like the last thing you want to add to your beauty regime when you have oily skin like me? Believe me, when I say you need to go buy it and try it for winter (no matter your skin type). One of the first misconceptions about cream-based makeup is that it will be heavy for oily skin and add unnecessary moisture. Well, that’s only part of the story.

First, you need to know what’s the difference between cream-based product and liquid-based product (this did take me all my adult life to understand). Cream based products leave a smooth hydrated finish, and it can be either satin or matte (yes matte). It tends to be an easier option to apply on for dry skin, but this doesn’t mean that it’s will over moisturize oily skin type. Ultimately it’s not only the makeup but also your skin care that needs some winter tweaking (the perfect excuse to go beauty shopping :P).

During the summer I tend to only use a bb cream or cc cream, which is already very moisturizing. Naturally in the winter paired with a more protecting moisturizer, seems like overdoing it, however contrary to what I’ve always believed depending on the product, a creamy foundation can be much lighter than a bb cream. In addition, it blends like a charm with cream blushes and eyeshadows! I picked up the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in 2 shades – porcelain ivory and light beige, simply because it’s got good reviews and it’s not a bank breaker, perfect for the septic oily skin dive for a trial!

What do you think of my top 3 winter survival tips? Tell me what are your winter fashion beauty tips!

– xoxo –

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“I Have Too Much Black In My Wardrobe!” Said No Fashionista Ever – 8 Reasons to Wear Black

Black is the color Women of Hollywood chose to wear at the 2018 Golden Globes to show their support of the initiative Time’s Up. This is not another article on the call to wear black, the New York Times puts it very nicely in their article “Why Everyone is Wearing Black at the Golden Globes“.

Black is by far my favorite color and I wanted to write an article on why you should adopt a little more black in your wardrobe. And the above mention in my article is my gesture to show support and solidarity as a woman following the movement in the world.

So here are 7 more reasons why you should wear black!

  • Black is flattering to every skin tone and hair color;
  • Black is chic and classy and always in style;
  • Black is slimming (that reason alone is enough to convince me);
  • A little Black dress is appropriate for every occasion;
  • It’s hard to get stains on black (for the lazy girls like me);
  • You can get an entirely new outfit just by changing your shoes and jewelry;
  • Black always matches other shades of black, and most other colors.

How do you wear your black? Do you always find yourself wanting to switch things up a bit, but then, in the end, trying the black model and finding it fits you best? 😛 Eager to hear your black wardrobe stories! Feel free to share!

– xoxo –

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It Only Took Me 8 Years To Start A Blog…

It took me frankly over 8 years to finally start my blog. Just wanted to share this with all of you who are thinking of taking the plunge! By all means, this is not a post on how to start a blog in 2018 – Judging on the 8 years, I am certainly not the best example to follow when it comes to planning on starting up, bloggingbasics101 does a much better job!

I’ve always loved Fashion (most of us do!) Highschool and college were years spent dressing up and discovering my style. Selfies, Snapchats, Instagram, etc. were not yet “a thing” (Although this is no excuse for me waiting all this time). The early bird internet fashionistas started their bloglovin spaces, and it was quite cool. So I of course after doing some thorough research (clicks through other people’s pretty pages) I decided to give it a go.

The 1st attempt (1st year of my journey to extrachilliplease): It was brief and I was naive. I learned quickly that it was quick and easy to set up a blog, but I haven’t given that much thought to personal branding and content. This was no Myspace (for those of you who can relate). I had a very nice teal blue background with some artsy fonts, but that was pretty much it.

I figure that I needed to produce some pretty amazing picture content, so I went out to get a good camera and looked into taking some online photography tutorials. After some hours spent practicing, and some serious thoughts on the blog theme, I gave it a second attempt. This time I decided to focus on street fashion and travel. I was traveling quite a bit with my family and leveraged a holiday in Hawaii to start. I learned very fast that it was very time consuming, and somewhat not so easy to capture Vogue style street fashion moments. I did take quite an impressive number of mediocre pictures.

Sometimes after sinking quite a good sum of money in a good camera, I learned that a mutual friend was making websites on the side. So naturally, I approached him. He thought me how I could use design tools to produce images and use online picture banks, so I can focus on writing. This 3rd attempt was frankly quite fun, but we had conflicting schedules, and I found myself procrastinating without him. Eventually, this project faded away.

A good friend of my in uni – the kind who is super creative, always have 10 projects going on at the same time – showed me how he started his own gig selling jewelry online, and he was using Instagram as a marketing tool. I shared with him my interest in starting a fashion blog and he offered to help. This 4th attempt was truly fun, and armed me with one pretty good Instagram portfolio! Senior truly became busy with parties, recoveries and final. The number of Instagram likes was pretty flattering, but still nowhere close to a blog.

Sharing my potential future fashion blogging hobby with a boyfriend who had a web + marketing solutions company turned out to generate a lot more interest than I expected. We started together (long gone). Once again I was naive and we both quickly found out that keeping up with the by then full-time online bloggers was a real challenge. This collaboration and my 5th attempt went on for a decent period of time but didn’t last.

Over a cocktail night at a friends place, I met Lara, she was just a ton of energy and I’ve learned she studied journalism and was working for an online fashion brand. She showed me this blog she was hosting and some articles she wrote about traveling and life in general. It didn’t take long before we started meeting regularly and started building – hence the shoot with the bunny mask. We were really good, but we were also 2 young career women who thought of this project as a hobby.

Two years went by, after 6 attempts, I knew by then a blog was pretty time consuming, and time was always a luxury.

Until a few months back. Something happened in my personal life and it really made me rethink myself. The kind of life-changing event that makes you take a step back (it sounds cheesy, but you know). Since I’ve made some pretty drastic changes and have finally decided to make the time for things that make me happy in life. That’s right blogging was one of them 🙂 Although I am still learning every day to juggle a busy job, family, friends, working out and still finding time for the right now “still very in need of content” “Fashion” section of extrachilliplease, I can honestly say this has been fulfilling a part of me that was always missing.

If like me you always wanted to start something (what passionates you? leave your comment below), please please do not follow my “over 8 years” + 6 failed attempts footsteps! Do it now and you’ll find a way to make it work. It won’t always be easy, but it will be fulfilling I can guarantee you that!


– xoxo –


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Eyewear Trends – How To Frame Your Face With Style

A good pair of trendy frames has always been synonymous with sophistication. No wonder so many people “fake” frames when going into a business meeting and for interviews. The right eyewear can highlight your look and really add an edge to your face. Frames have been widely adopted as a fashion accessory and they are an absolute must-have for 2018. Here’s how to choose the perfect eyewear for every face, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t get your hands on a pair! (+ there’s no prescriptions needed everyone can pull it off!)

First Things First: Face Size

The first step before trying to fit your face into one of the shapes above is to find out the size of your face. For this, you will need to measure (yes measure with a ruler or measuring tape) the width (left temple to right temple) and length (forehead to chin) of your face.

Face width:

  • Narrow width face: 110mm to 125mm → frame sized: 115mm – 129mm;
  • Medium width face: 125mm to 135mm → frame sized: 129mm – 140mm;
  • Wide face: 135mm to 152mm → frame sized: 139mm – 155mm.

Face length:

  • Lenght in mm < width in mm → tall face and should go for taller lenses (note: we’re only talking about the lens size and not the shape yet);
  • Lenght in mm >/= width in mm → short face & should go for shorter lenses (this seems obvious black on white, but you’d be surprised… especially with the huge shades/frames trends :o)

Now The Shapes

Oblong: Longer, with straighter cheek lines, the oblong face shapes ned frames that have more depth than width, with decorative or contrasting temples to add some edge and width to the face. Your face was made for the less dramatic version of the Cat Eye & the classic Clubmaster!

Base-up triangle: Wide top and smaller bottom, the best frames are ones that are wider at the bottom, light colored and rimless material. Aviators & Attaboys are your classics

Base-down triangle: Narrower forehead area and wider cheek and chin area, this face shape share very much some of the oblong faces characteristics. So go wild on the Dramatic Cat Eye and Angular top lenses corner to add some sharpness

Square: Very balanced forehead and jawlines, go for Moll Oversize or Rayban’s Ja-Jo to soften the angularities!

Oval: with balanced proportions (and we do want to keep it that way, frames which are geometrically rectangular or a bit wider on the bridge are the best. Think Original Wayfarer or Tiffany & Co rectangular shapes series.

Heart: Sharing similar features with the base-up triangle, round or square frames with curved and lower edges will draw attention away from the broader forehead. Keep it classic: Clubround, Round Double Bridge & Attaboy are all great accessories

Diamond: With a narrower forehead & chin and high cheekbones, rimless frames, oval and classic Cat Eye shapes are the best to accentuate the eyes and soften the cheekbones.

Round: To help enhance the face, square and rectangular frames makes the face appear longer and more contoured. Coach HC series has some pretty nice rectangular frames

Color Matching!

It’s no secret that (generally speaking) pairing colors from the same base tone (cool vs. warm) looks best. Although some eye colors can vary (even change), your hair colors and skin base pigments are elements to consider.

There are usually a few dominant colors in warm and cool tones for each season. Here are the Spring 2018 Top 12 Color Palette from Pantone (the list of colors can be downloaded for Adobe following the link):


Now you’re equipped to go get your frames for this season!

– xoxo –

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La Baguette, A Sunday Morning Must-Have Accessory

La Baguette, a long, thin loaf of French bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough, is an insanely cool and timeless accessory every girl should have on Sunday morning – Although this is a classic, and can be easily pulled off every other morning of the week.  Make it freshly baked, paired with a couple of croissants and/or pains au chocolat – the look’s available at every boulangerie du quartier and very Parisian and easy to wear in an oversize bag or simply carried under the arm. Ranging from 10 to 45 HKD, this is a chic look every girl can afford.

– xoxo –

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