M.A.C Does Not Disappoint, Their Lip Varnishes are Truly Glossy & Juicy Just Like They Claim!

The M.A.C Versicolour Varnish collection was launch back in spring this year. Lip stains are a big thing in Asia, South Korea especially – every girl from pretty much 15 to 65, that’s right, rocks perfectly coloured lips on the street of Seoul! Lips stain can be found in every colour imaginable and in every form possible – balm, stick, gloss, oil and tattoo, see my previous post on lip tints & tattoos here. When I first moved to Hong Kong a couple of years back I picked up on those amazing all day busy girl proof stains and wasn’t in a hurry to try the M.A.C ones. Boy was I wrong.

Since I’ve pick up the Peach Aflush a couple of weeks ago, I’m absolutely in love with it! M.A.C does not disappoint, this lip varnish is truly glossy & juicy like in they claim. It usually take me a few application with any new makeup products to learn how to make the most of it, but with this stain, it was love at first application. Well my brush did pick up a lot of product and the colours are quite pigmented, but that was my only minor “struggle”.

When applied it starts like a none sticky gloss that also moisturises your lips. As you go through the day the shine wears off to retain a satin sheer that last all day! I’ve been consistently wearing it for the past few days and I’ve received so many complements on it!

Love Love Love!

You can find all the colours here


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