The Master Cleanse, Why I Love it

Often referred to as the Lemon Detox, the Master Cleanse is somewhat very controversial. My post Cayenne Pepper Lemon Detox – Get Your Beachbody Ready was very popular so I decided to write this follow up to clarify on some points.

The original detox program called Master Cleanse was introduced by Stanley Burroughs (purchase publication here) in 1940s. The concept is quite simple: the cleanse help you flush out toxins to improve overall health. The controversy comes from the fact that Burroughs claimed the juice diet cured a number of diseases, which it did not.

The diet plan, although does not cure for a lot of diseases is a great detox to achieve better health and rapid weight loss. Many celebrities like Beyoncé, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and many more have endorsed its effectiveness.

The cleanse consist of a 10 days (can be longer up to 14 days depending on your needs) lemon juice diet – made with fresh lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. There is also a relaxed version here. I have done this diet 5 times over a period of many years and know my body needs pretty well. My lifestyle is for the most of the time pretty healthy, and I’m happy with my weight. I love this cleanse because it re-energises me and clears my skin. I enjoy the quick couple of kilos loss, but I always regain those within the following couple of months. I recommend it to everyone who feel like they want to realign themselves for healthier habits, or feel like they need to flush some toxins. The 5 times I have done it was always after a high stress period in my life where I felt I needed to take sometimes to focus on myself – yes life, careers, everything else, can be very stressful, and I will opt for the easy option when I’m tired and this over a prolong period of times makes me feel every more tired and from here it’s a vicious cycle (a lot of us knows this tool well unfortunately).

I have done the full 10 cleanse, but I did feel for myself that past the 8th day my energy level dropped, and the cleanse was not productive anymore. So I came up with my own version of a quick detox that can easily fit in a busy schedule [see my post on]. I’m very transparent with my friends about the possible side effects when recommending this regime, and advise them to be aware of your body – how you feel physically. It’s not for everyone and before going to stock up on 10 days worth of fresh lemons, my advise would be to try the cleanse for a couple of days and see for yourself (see my lighter version of this cleanse here).

Obviously be smart about this cleanse. Like any major change in diet, be aware of your body. If you have prior medical conditions, do consult your doctor and if you feel too light headed, ill or extreme fatigue, you want to stop this program. I hope I was able to bring additional clarifications and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments below 🙂


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