Retro Clip-On Earrings Are Back This Fall And Why We Love Them!

I’ve always loved how a pair of earrings can easily dress up a boring outfit!

My mom never had my ears pierced as a kid. As a teenager I got them pierce and found out with disappointment that my body rejected the piercing and refused to properly heal. I persisted for a while and eventually let them close up. But I wasn’t going to give up on earrings. And this was the start of my collection of clip-ons.

There are clip-ons of all shapes and sizes however, I’ve learned with time that my favourites are the chunky, drop, generally big jewellery eighties style! That’s because for one smaller earrings can look a bit awkward as the clips needs to be conceived, and for 2 (for me), if I’m going to wear earrings, it might as well be a statement piece! So you can picture my excitement when big jewellery were coming back, and this fall they are literally everywhere! Zara has an impressive collection of eighties style clip-ons, which makes me extremely happy. This that before I had to rely on vintage shops and hours and hours of online jewellery hunt.

So why do we love big bold clipping jewellery pieces?

  • For the Statement Pieces: that’s right, clip-ons are the only way to wear a statement piece, as it would put too much pressure on the earlobe otherwise;
  • With clips the bold design sits perfectly on the earlobe without looking like it’s pulling and hurting;
  • The novelty of the item itself: there is a lot of history behind clip-ons, as piercing were considered uncivilised in the Victorian era. Clip-on earrings came with women abandoning the bonnet and styling up their hair, a critical moment in fashion.

Inspired? Net-a-porter offers a nice range of statement pieces, but they are not given! Etsy is great (and more wallet friendly) place to find vintage gems (shop those beautiful Tortoise shell print slip ons here) and those fall-winter 2018/19 Chanel Clip-ons are my absolute fashion dream!

– xoxo-

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