The Perfect Tan Hack – Because It’s Hard Work

My friend pointed out how pale I am a few weeks back. For reference I’m currently 3 foundation shades darker than my winter foundation, in fact I’m using a medium dark bb cream, because the last time I was able to achieve a darker tan was years ago. So you can imagine how I got a little… dismayed? All kind of thoughts were going through my mind: I’ve never worked so hard on my tan (I was on the beach or on a boat every single not rainy weekend), and the results are obviously not impressive. It was pretty clear, I needed some help.

The first easy fix solution is getting a spray tan, considering my sun exposure hours, a sun bed is obviously not what I needed. However we’ve all heard or worse witnessed spray tan gone wrong, so I did some research. After a few late night spend googling and reading product reviews I’ve settled on 6 self tan products (it’s still quite a lot i couldn’t make up my mind, it’s was 3 body product and 3 for face).

loved 2 of them:

(I’m only reviewing the 2 products that I love and worked for me, as I believe the other self-tanning lotions and products I tried were also good, but the 2 below just worked better for me. Also different skin reacts to differently to specific formulas, therefore I do not want dwell on the other very quality products that I’m going to pass on to friends 🙂

Note that I’ve tried all the lotions at least 1 time and stop immediately if I didn’t find it efficient or gave uneven marks the next day. I’ve then waited around 1 week to try the next product on.

CLARINS Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (face)

  • I cannot begin to say how much I love this product. It come in a small convenient cylinder bottle (especially for travel) and you simply mix it to your moisturiser. The label says 1 to 3 drops, but obviously you can adjust it to your needs. I used it for face, neck and eventually upper body too (Note they do have a Glow Booster for Body too, but I couldn’t try everything this time and decided to go for the Isle of Paradise drops) 1 drop is barely noticeable, I’ve increased it to 5 drops during my holidays.
  • Because it’s mixed with your usual moisturiser, there are less risk of breaking out especially for sensitive skin like mine. And no uneven patches. I’ve mixed 1 drop with my serum and it worked like a charm too!
  • It’s a small bottle, it’s not given, but a little goes a long way, I’ve been squeezing it everywhere and my friend has been using it too and we haven’t used even 1/4.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops – Medium

  • This is another mixed with your moisturiser type of self tan, but it comes in a number of range of tanning shades: light, medium, dark.
  • Note that this Vegan brand has also the self tan water and a mousse. I’ve read a few reviews and decided to go with the drops, which I was very happy with.
  • I’ve been using it on my legs mainly and I love it! It works like the Clarins glow booster, but it’s a bit stronger and you get more product for less!
  • The thing I love about this is that I’ve been mixing it with my sunscreen (YES!) and it really accelerates the darkening process.
  • one last thing, don’t forget to use a mitt!

Let me know what’s your perfect tan hack I should try!


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