Sisters With Small Busts, Here Are 5 Tips for a Boost on the Beach!

Finding the perfect bikini top made you 😣😠😞? I can relate. The first part of my teenage year were full of hope… and the second half was spend on the quest for the perfect push up bra. It took me year to come to peace with my tiny A cups (and there are plenty advantages for having cute As as you know) and here are my tips for swimsuits shopping:

  • go wild on the ruffles: they add dimension visually and the movement of the fabric creates additional volume
  • fabric & pads: yes pad pad pad, but choose a thicker material so it’s well conceived (lucky velvet in very very in at the moment)
  • underwire & hidden bras: they help add shape and push your bust together, so don’t rule them out for fuller cups
  • patterns: like ruffles they add visual interest, so go wild!
  • bling up: accessorise with colourful summer necklace and don’t hesitate to stack some chains of your choice, it draws the eye and the light to you neck area and creates visual interests

– xoxo –

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