2 Simple Steps to Get Where You Want to Be In Life

A week ago I got contacted by a friend of mine back in high school. It’s been over 10 year now, and I must say it did bring some memories. I’ve mentioned this to one of my best friend (who also was from the same high school) and we started talking about where we are now, the things we’ve accomplished since.

Both of us are currently in a good place, but nowhere close to what we “predicted” for ourselves over 10 years ago. Yes we did achieve a number of things we did, but we also took very different paths we thought we would. And the reason for this is simple, we were young and we ride along life by taking constant challenges, and opportunities to learn, which is a great thing, but we both felt that in another decade we want to look back and say proudly that we accomplish what we strive to accomplish and even more. How can we do this?

(It is important to mention that when this conversation happened, I was still in the “riding along with what life brings me state of mind, but not for my best friend. He already took the time to think and set his goals.) I realise how I got myself caught in the “how do I close my current project at work”, “what’s going to be the next project that’s going to add value and get myself a promotion”, “where am I going for my next holiday”… life race. This is a very stable way of life, but in this millennial frenzy and pressure to grow exponentially, I actually didn’t have the time to think of what I really wanted to accomplish in the next 10, 20 years. What was important and where I really should allow myself to have a breather.

So here the exercise he made me do:

Step 1

  • Make a list of things you want to do or accomplish in the coming 10 years.
  • Set specific timelines for each and every of those items
  • Start doing things on your list now

Step 2

  • Share this list with someone who is in your life for the long haul (family, friends or significant other). They do not have to do the same exercise, but it’s great if they want to.
  • Set catch up session every 3 to 6 months (doesn’t have to be long or formal) it can be a coffee or if like me you’re not living in the same country, facebook call or message does the job as well!
  • Put recurrent alerts in your calendar already

Listing is the easy part, it’s really when you have to give it a hard timeline that it gets hard. Setting a deadline actually forces you to this about the process (time it will take you, realistically, to get there). It also puts everything on that list on perspective, some projects are more ambitious and will take more time, which will push you to reconsider your priorities.

The exercise took me less than an hour, but do feel free to give yourself a couple of weeks (or as long as you need, but set a deadline for yourself) to properly think, but since I feel a lot happier in my daily life, because it allows me to be more focused (brush away any negative energy easily because I’m in it for the long run). It’s OK if one of my projects gets delayed because of something unforeseen, because the goal is something I need to constantly work and improve over 10 year. You wind some you loose some, every every now and then and that’s fine. Rome was not build in 1 day.

– xoxo –

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