Bad Tan Lines? Here’s How To Get Rid of Them Faster

Despite applying sunscreen and re-applying a layer every hour I still got burned and pretty bad on my back. All that snorkeling under direct sun was unforgiving. Swimming with sea turtles and chilling with a family of Nemos was totally worth it, but now it’s time to get right of those back and butt tan lines and work on that beach glow!

If you’re reading this then you probably don’t want to hear about prevention, because like me you’re ready to hit the beach again, and don’t want to be limited to that same swimsuit you got those deep tan lines… Here’s how you can accelerate those those tan lines fading:

  1. Exfoliate. Regular exfoliation will remover the layers of dead cells and make space for new cells. You can easily find local natural ingredients at your supermarket and market your own exfoliants – here are 3 DIY recipe for lip scrubs, but you can increase the quantities to make a body version! 😀
  2. Moisturise. With tanning damages, affected areas of the skin are dry and needs moisturising, especially after exfoliating, it’s important to provide plenty of nutrients for your skin to keep it’s healthy texture and regenerate. Natural moisturisers like almond oil, coconut oil and Aloe Vera are the best! I like to apply Aloe Vera, wait 10 mins until your skin absorbed all the moisture and layer natural essential oils on top!
  3. Drink water and have a healthy diet. We all know vitamin A, C and E are just amazing for the skin! So Make sure you eat plenty of food that will help your skin regenerate from the inside! Food high in vitamin A includes carrot, sweet potato, and kale. Kiwi, strawberry and citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and make sure you get some almonds, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts in your tray mix, for your vitamin E.

Make sure you stick to those and apply plenty of sunscreen on the affected areas and you’ll be ready in no time to enjoy the newly purchased bikinis for the season!

– xoxo –

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