Aunt May’s Hot Bajan Pepper Sauce

I first discovered Aunt May’s hot sauce at Turtle Bay (a Caribbean eating and drinking chain in the UK). I must say that I didn’t think twice picking up the 12oz bottle and poured a good 2 oz in my vegan rundown (which was absolutely delicious by the way). My mistake for assuming it would be another mildly spicy, maybe even a sweet chilli type of sauce, judging by the huge pocket whiskey bottle size and (what I thought was) an over the top commercial on point design of a Caribbean auntie on the label. My mistake. This sauce was just so authentically very very satisfyingly spicy.

Aunt May’s hot sauce is definitely one of my all time favourite chillli sauce (top 3) with it’s fiery and zesty taste and perfectly thick texture. It’s made in the Caribbean (love products originated from the source!) and it has no preservatives! It’s also one of those sauce that has just the right balance between acid and sweet, which really goes well with curries and creamy sauce rice dishes.

List of ingredients: mustard, vinegar, water, onions, pepper, salt, sugar, corn starch, turmeric.

It fairly easy to find it online, and most resellers ship worldwide. The price for a 12oz bottle is around USD8 (excluding possible custom taxes). You can find it on Amazon or Caribbean distributors like Anjo’s.

Let me know how you find this chilli sauce and what are your favourite recipes!

– xoxo –

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