Lip Tints & Tattoos – I Must Be The Last Girl Who Tried These

So I picked up the Kissable Lip by SkinAZ of those on my flight to Singapore (Yes… on the plane. If you ever wondered who purchases duty-free during a flight – as it’s pretty much the most inconvenient thing to do, ever, well I’m guilty). I got 3 colors: Lovely Pink, Sexy Red, Sweet Wine, and their glittery gloss (to be paired with the lip tint or tattoos, like some call it).

The instruction reads to apply the glossy stuff on your cleaned lips, wait for 10 – 15 minutes, then peel off gently and that’s it! (I must admit I love my lipsticks and I am very loyal to brands and products I’ve long mastered, so it actually took me forever – over a month – to “find the time” to try my new makeup acquisitions). So I’ve finally tried those popular lip tints/tattoos praised all over the internet! Yay! Here are my thoughts on this very fun product:

At first, the colors looked very bright and I was a bit concerned but don’t worry (when it’s peeled off) it comes out a lot lighter. The application was a bit tricky: the gloss is quite thick & sticky and dries really fast. So it’s a little bit of a challenge getting a smooth lip line. I also wasn’t sure if the thickness affected the end result color, so I tried as much as possible to touch up evenly (the answer is not really). The hardest part was the wait, holding my lips apart for 10 minutes seemed like an eternity. Peeling the dried gloss off was easier than I thought and exfoliating – as it pulls off dry skins as well (if it’s really cold and your lips are really chapped, then you might want to be careful, the last thing we want is bloody lips). The product leaves a bright fun color on and you can top it up with any gloss!

The tint/tattoo colors was a bit pinkish, while I was expecting red. The wine color also came out lighter than expected. I tried going through the process one more time (in a row) to get a deeper color and it did work! Note that you can pair it with a tinted gloss to enhance the color!

The color did last the whole day, however, it did come off a bit with the gloss and in the shower. Overall I had a lot of fun with this product and will definitely become part of my beauty routine for the coming up hot HK summer season!

– xoxo –

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