M.A.C Does Not Disappoint, Their Lip Varnishes are Truly Glossy & Juicy Just Like They Claim!

The M.A.C Versicolour Varnish collection was launch back in spring this year. Lip stains are a big thing in Asia, South Korea especially – every girl from pretty much 15 to 65, that’s right, rocks perfectly coloured lips on the street of Seoul! Lips stain can be found in every colour imaginable and in every form possible – balm, stick, gloss, oil and tattoo, see my previous post on lip tints & tattoos here. When I first moved to Hong Kong a couple of years back I picked up on those amazing all day busy girl proof stains and wasn’t in a hurry to try the M.A.C ones. Boy was I wrong.

Since I’ve pick up the Peach Aflush a couple of weeks ago, I’m absolutely in love with it! M.A.C does not disappoint, this lip varnish is truly glossy & juicy like in they claim. It usually take me a few application with any new makeup products to learn how to make the most of it, but with this stain, it was love at first application. Well my brush did pick up a lot of product and the colours are quite pigmented, but that was my only minor “struggle”.

When applied it starts like a none sticky gloss that also moisturises your lips. As you go through the day the shine wears off to retain a satin sheer that last all day! I’ve been consistently wearing it for the past few days and I’ve received so many complements on it!

Love Love Love!

You can find all the colours here


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Retro Clip-On Earrings Are Back This Fall And Why We Love Them!

I’ve always loved how a pair of earrings can easily dress up a boring outfit!

My mom never had my ears pierced as a kid. As a teenager I got them pierce and found out with disappointment that my body rejected the piercing and refused to properly heal. I persisted for a while and eventually let them close up. But I wasn’t going to give up on earrings. And this was the start of my collection of clip-ons.

There are clip-ons of all shapes and sizes however, I’ve learned with time that my favourites are the chunky, drop, generally big jewellery eighties style! That’s because for one smaller earrings can look a bit awkward as the clips needs to be conceived, and for 2 (for me), if I’m going to wear earrings, it might as well be a statement piece! So you can picture my excitement when big jewellery were coming back, and this fall they are literally everywhere! Zara has an impressive collection of eighties style clip-ons, which makes me extremely happy. This that before I had to rely on vintage shops and hours and hours of online jewellery hunt.

So why do we love big bold clipping jewellery pieces?

  • For the Statement Pieces: that’s right, clip-ons are the only way to wear a statement piece, as it would put too much pressure on the earlobe otherwise;
  • With clips the bold design sits perfectly on the earlobe without looking like it’s pulling and hurting;
  • The novelty of the item itself: there is a lot of history behind clip-ons, as piercing were considered uncivilised in the Victorian era. Clip-on earrings came with women abandoning the bonnet and styling up their hair, a critical moment in fashion.

Inspired? Net-a-porter offers a nice range of statement pieces, but they are not given! Etsy is great (and more wallet friendly) place to find vintage gems (shop those beautiful Tortoise shell print slip ons here) and those fall-winter 2018/19 Chanel Clip-ons are my absolute fashion dream!

– xoxo-

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The Master Cleanse, Why I Love it

Often referred to as the Lemon Detox, the Master Cleanse is somewhat very controversial. My post Cayenne Pepper Lemon Detox – Get Your Beachbody Ready was very popular so I decided to write this follow up to clarify on some points.

The original detox program called Master Cleanse was introduced by Stanley Burroughs (purchase publication here) in 1940s. The concept is quite simple: the cleanse help you flush out toxins to improve overall health. The controversy comes from the fact that Burroughs claimed the juice diet cured a number of diseases, which it did not.

The diet plan, although does not cure for a lot of diseases is a great detox to achieve better health and rapid weight loss. Many celebrities like Beyoncé, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and many more have endorsed its effectiveness.

The cleanse consist of a 10 days (can be longer up to 14 days depending on your needs) lemon juice diet – made with fresh lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. There is also a relaxed version here. I have done this diet 5 times over a period of many years and know my body needs pretty well. My lifestyle is for the most of the time pretty healthy, and I’m happy with my weight. I love this cleanse because it re-energises me and clears my skin. I enjoy the quick couple of kilos loss, but I always regain those within the following couple of months. I recommend it to everyone who feel like they want to realign themselves for healthier habits, or feel like they need to flush some toxins. The 5 times I have done it was always after a high stress period in my life where I felt I needed to take sometimes to focus on myself – yes life, careers, everything else, can be very stressful, and I will opt for the easy option when I’m tired and this over a prolong period of times makes me feel every more tired and from here it’s a vicious cycle (a lot of us knows this tool well unfortunately).

I have done the full 10 cleanse, but I did feel for myself that past the 8th day my energy level dropped, and the cleanse was not productive anymore. So I came up with my own version of a quick detox that can easily fit in a busy schedule [see my post on]. I’m very transparent with my friends about the possible side effects when recommending this regime, and advise them to be aware of your body – how you feel physically. It’s not for everyone and before going to stock up on 10 days worth of fresh lemons, my advise would be to try the cleanse for a couple of days and see for yourself (see my lighter version of this cleanse here).

Obviously be smart about this cleanse. Like any major change in diet, be aware of your body. If you have prior medical conditions, do consult your doctor and if you feel too light headed, ill or extreme fatigue, you want to stop this program. I hope I was able to bring additional clarifications and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments below 🙂


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My Coloring Therapy

I picked up this coloring book for adult during my last trip to Bali.

This is not my first coloring book and I highly recommended as a relaxing activity that can be practiced daily. I picked up this art therapy – it’s a therapy for me as it helps me relieve stress as I focus in the moment, it works for me and I’ve encouraged friends to try, but keep in mind it might not work for everyone – when I was living in the UK. Back then it was more of a Sunday, rainy day, hobby, where I get to let my inner little girl out, but I found myself picking my book up when I had a not so good day at work and this is when it became my way of meditating.

I have read a number of articles about coloring books for adults and coloring as a therapy. There are numerous people claiming coloring can be a stress relief, lower anxiety levels, train the brain to be more creative, and many more, you can read about them in 7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health from the Huff Post. A number of researches have also been done on coloring for adult and it does seem to support that it can reduce anxiety, however do keep in coloring can be therapeutic, but doesn’t replace therapy! Do try it! There’s no need to old school like me, there are thousands of printable free coloring sheets online that can be downloaded from Crayola, Faber-Castell and Just Color!

Comment below to let me know what is your art favourite art therapy!


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The Perfect Tan Hack – Because It’s Hard Work

My friend pointed out how pale I am a few weeks back. For reference I’m currently 3 foundation shades darker than my winter foundation, in fact I’m using a medium dark bb cream, because the last time I was able to achieve a darker tan was years ago. So you can imagine how I got a little… dismayed? All kind of thoughts were going through my mind: I’ve never worked so hard on my tan (I was on the beach or on a boat every single not rainy weekend), and the results are obviously not impressive. It was pretty clear, I needed some help.

The first easy fix solution is getting a spray tan, considering my sun exposure hours, a sun bed is obviously not what I needed. However we’ve all heard or worse witnessed spray tan gone wrong, so I did some research. After a few late night spend googling and reading product reviews I’ve settled on 6 self tan products (it’s still quite a lot i couldn’t make up my mind, it’s was 3 body product and 3 for face).

loved 2 of them:

(I’m only reviewing the 2 products that I love and worked for me, as I believe the other self-tanning lotions and products I tried were also good, but the 2 below just worked better for me. Also different skin reacts to differently to specific formulas, therefore I do not want dwell on the other very quality products that I’m going to pass on to friends 🙂

Note that I’ve tried all the lotions at least 1 time and stop immediately if I didn’t find it efficient or gave uneven marks the next day. I’ve then waited around 1 week to try the next product on.

CLARINS Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (face)

  • I cannot begin to say how much I love this product. It come in a small convenient cylinder bottle (especially for travel) and you simply mix it to your moisturiser. The label says 1 to 3 drops, but obviously you can adjust it to your needs. I used it for face, neck and eventually upper body too (Note they do have a Glow Booster for Body too, but I couldn’t try everything this time and decided to go for the Isle of Paradise drops) 1 drop is barely noticeable, I’ve increased it to 5 drops during my holidays.
  • Because it’s mixed with your usual moisturiser, there are less risk of breaking out especially for sensitive skin like mine. And no uneven patches. I’ve mixed 1 drop with my serum and it worked like a charm too!
  • It’s a small bottle, it’s not given, but a little goes a long way, I’ve been squeezing it everywhere and my friend has been using it too and we haven’t used even 1/4.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops – Medium

  • This is another mixed with your moisturiser type of self tan, but it comes in a number of range of tanning shades: light, medium, dark.
  • Note that this Vegan brand has also the self tan water and a mousse. I’ve read a few reviews and decided to go with the drops, which I was very happy with.
  • I’ve been using it on my legs mainly and I love it! It works like the Clarins glow booster, but it’s a bit stronger and you get more product for less!
  • The thing I love about this is that I’ve been mixing it with my sunscreen (YES!) and it really accelerates the darkening process.
  • one last thing, don’t forget to use a mitt!

Let me know what’s your perfect tan hack I should try!


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Sisters With Small Busts, Here Are 5 Tips for a Boost on the Beach!

Finding the perfect bikini top made you 😣😠😞? I can relate. The first part of my teenage year were full of hope… and the second half was spend on the quest for the perfect push up bra. It took me year to come to peace with my tiny A cups (and there are plenty advantages for having cute As as you know) and here are my tips for swimsuits shopping:

  • go wild on the ruffles: they add dimension visually and the movement of the fabric creates additional volume
  • fabric & pads: yes pad pad pad, but choose a thicker material so it’s well conceived (lucky velvet in very very in at the moment)
  • underwire & hidden bras: they help add shape and push your bust together, so don’t rule them out for fuller cups
  • patterns: like ruffles they add visual interest, so go wild!
  • bling up: accessorise with colourful summer necklace and don’t hesitate to stack some chains of your choice, it draws the eye and the light to you neck area and creates visual interests

– xoxo –

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Types of Friends You (Will) Have in a Lifetime

I’ve been really excited and looking forward to this week because my childhood friend and all time best friend is coming to visit me in Hong Kong. We actually haven’t been able to see each other very often since I moved away, but every time we see each other it’s like we’ve never been apart. We started reminiscing about the good old times, friendships and new friendships… And this is what we came up with:

  • your work bff: this is your go to person for coffee breaks, afternoon cookie sharing and bathroom gossips. You message them discretely to tell them how you can’t stop yarning in your meeting and how you really are looking forward to Friday. This is also one of the decisive person you consult to determine what to wear for office parties.
  • the friend who can party: yes we all have one, or a few. You probably never met them sober for more than 20 mins, you can count on them to be out or wingman you out! You’ve known them forever, and knows probably too much details from certain areas of their lives and they yours, but you know you both are in a safe place 😉
  • the one you always make plans with but never hang out: they are cool people, you met them perhaps at this social event or a party, you exchanged contact and loved the idea of continuing your conversation, but somehow never find a good time. You know what I’m talking about.
  • the out of town high school/college bff who know everything about you and you talk regularly if not daily: there’s no need for further description, they support you the best, they <3 comment all your insta pictures.
  • friends of your friends (or possibly your other half’s friends): I only referring to the cool ones whose makes you smile when you ask “who else is attending?” You have them on insta and fb, but never bother making plans, cause they are someone else’s click.
  • your childhood (best) friend(s): your bridesmaid(s), sister from another mother, wifey on social media, you name it!


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2 Simple Steps to Get Where You Want to Be In Life

A week ago I got contacted by a friend of mine back in high school. It’s been over 10 year now, and I must say it did bring some memories. I’ve mentioned this to one of my best friend (who also was from the same high school) and we started talking about where we are now, the things we’ve accomplished since.

Both of us are currently in a good place, but nowhere close to what we “predicted” for ourselves over 10 years ago. Yes we did achieve a number of things we did, but we also took very different paths we thought we would. And the reason for this is simple, we were young and we ride along life by taking constant challenges, and opportunities to learn, which is a great thing, but we both felt that in another decade we want to look back and say proudly that we accomplish what we strive to accomplish and even more. How can we do this?

(It is important to mention that when this conversation happened, I was still in the “riding along with what life brings me state of mind, but not for my best friend. He already took the time to think and set his goals.) I realise how I got myself caught in the “how do I close my current project at work”, “what’s going to be the next project that’s going to add value and get myself a promotion”, “where am I going for my next holiday”… life race. This is a very stable way of life, but in this millennial frenzy and pressure to grow exponentially, I actually didn’t have the time to think of what I really wanted to accomplish in the next 10, 20 years. What was important and where I really should allow myself to have a breather.

So here the exercise he made me do:

Step 1

  • Make a list of things you want to do or accomplish in the coming 10 years.
  • Set specific timelines for each and every of those items
  • Start doing things on your list now

Step 2

  • Share this list with someone who is in your life for the long haul (family, friends or significant other). They do not have to do the same exercise, but it’s great if they want to.
  • Set catch up session every 3 to 6 months (doesn’t have to be long or formal) it can be a coffee or if like me you’re not living in the same country, facebook call or message does the job as well!
  • Put recurrent alerts in your calendar already

Listing is the easy part, it’s really when you have to give it a hard timeline that it gets hard. Setting a deadline actually forces you to this about the process (time it will take you, realistically, to get there). It also puts everything on that list on perspective, some projects are more ambitious and will take more time, which will push you to reconsider your priorities.

The exercise took me less than an hour, but do feel free to give yourself a couple of weeks (or as long as you need, but set a deadline for yourself) to properly think, but since I feel a lot happier in my daily life, because it allows me to be more focused (brush away any negative energy easily because I’m in it for the long run). It’s OK if one of my projects gets delayed because of something unforeseen, because the goal is something I need to constantly work and improve over 10 year. You wind some you loose some, every every now and then and that’s fine. Rome was not build in 1 day.

– xoxo –

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Aunt May’s Hot Bajan Pepper Sauce

I first discovered Aunt May’s hot sauce at Turtle Bay (a Caribbean eating and drinking chain in the UK). I must say that I didn’t think twice picking up the 12oz bottle and poured a good 2 oz in my vegan rundown (which was absolutely delicious by the way). My mistake for assuming it would be another mildly spicy, maybe even a sweet chilli type of sauce, judging by the huge pocket whiskey bottle size and (what I thought was) an over the top commercial on point design of a Caribbean auntie on the label. My mistake. This sauce was just so authentically very very satisfyingly spicy.

Aunt May’s hot sauce is definitely one of my all time favourite chillli sauce (top 3) with it’s fiery and zesty taste and perfectly thick texture. It’s made in the Caribbean (love products originated from the source!) and it has no preservatives! It’s also one of those sauce that has just the right balance between acid and sweet, which really goes well with curries and creamy sauce rice dishes.

List of ingredients: mustard, vinegar, water, onions, pepper, salt, sugar, corn starch, turmeric.

It fairly easy to find it online, and most resellers ship worldwide. The price for a 12oz bottle is around USD8 (excluding possible custom taxes). You can find it on Amazon or Caribbean distributors like Anjo’s.

Let me know how you find this chilli sauce and what are your favourite recipes!

– xoxo –

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Bad Tan Lines? Here’s How To Get Rid of Them Faster

Despite applying sunscreen and re-applying a layer every hour I still got burned and pretty bad on my back. All that snorkeling under direct sun was unforgiving. Swimming with sea turtles and chilling with a family of Nemos was totally worth it, but now it’s time to get right of those back and butt tan lines and work on that beach glow!

If you’re reading this then you probably don’t want to hear about prevention, because like me you’re ready to hit the beach again, and don’t want to be limited to that same swimsuit you got those deep tan lines… Here’s how you can accelerate those those tan lines fading:

  1. Exfoliate. Regular exfoliation will remover the layers of dead cells and make space for new cells. You can easily find local natural ingredients at your supermarket and market your own exfoliants – here are 3 DIY recipe for lip scrubs, but you can increase the quantities to make a body version! 😀
  2. Moisturise. With tanning damages, affected areas of the skin are dry and needs moisturising, especially after exfoliating, it’s important to provide plenty of nutrients for your skin to keep it’s healthy texture and regenerate. Natural moisturisers like almond oil, coconut oil and Aloe Vera are the best! I like to apply Aloe Vera, wait 10 mins until your skin absorbed all the moisture and layer natural essential oils on top!
  3. Drink water and have a healthy diet. We all know vitamin A, C and E are just amazing for the skin! So Make sure you eat plenty of food that will help your skin regenerate from the inside! Food high in vitamin A includes carrot, sweet potato, and kale. Kiwi, strawberry and citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and make sure you get some almonds, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts in your tray mix, for your vitamin E.

Make sure you stick to those and apply plenty of sunscreen on the affected areas and you’ll be ready in no time to enjoy the newly purchased bikinis for the season!

– xoxo –

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